black pop workout cover    Black Pop Workout  1982

Written by:Hula
Produced:Chris Watson
Recorded:Western Works,Portobello,Sheffield.
Label: Red Rhino
First outing recorded at Western Works, produced by Chris Watson on Cabaret Voltaire`s eight track. All the elements explored in the following years are there, shades of Pere Ubu,Can and the Cabs.

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next      cut from inside cover    Cut From Inside  1983

Written by:Hula + Mark Brydon
Produced:Warne Livesey
Recorded:Wave Studios,Hoxton,London
Label:Red Rhino
     Fever Car sleeve    Fever Car  1984

Produced by:Pete Coleman
Written by: Hula
Recorded:Amazon studios,Ormskirk,Lancs
Label:Red Rhino

     Murmur cover    Murmur,1984

Produced by:Pete Coleman
Written by:Albrow,Nort,Wright
Recorded:Amazon Studios,Ormskirk,Lancs

This album found Hula really  cooking, containing such classics as `Ghost Rattle`and  `Invisible`.

     Get the Habit cover    Get the Habit,1985

Produced by:Pete Coleman+Snake
Written by :Albrow,Nort,Wright
Recorded:Vibrasound,Sheffield+Amazon Studios,Ormskirk,Lancs

This single combined James Brown and a small sequencer, squelchy.

     Walk on Stalks..cover    Walk on Stalks of Shattered Glass,1985

Produced by:Pete Coleman
Written by:Albrow,Nort,Wright
Recorded:Amazon Studios,Ormskirk,Lancs

A kind of spastic disjointed trouble-funked industrial jackhammer disco.

     1000 Hours sleeve    1000 Hours,1986

Produced by:Pip,Mark Estdale,
Bert Vervoorn,Richard Zeilstra+Hula
Written by:Albrow,Avery,Nort,Wright
Recorded:Amsterdam,Hilversum and Sheffield

This double album combined live recordings from the Milky Way,Amsterdam with studio work.

     Freeze Out cover    Freeze Out,1985

Produced by:Hula+Bert Vervoorn
Written by:Albrow,Nort,Wright,Avery

A kind of spastic disjointed trouble-funked industrial jackhammer disco times two.

     Black Wall Blue cover    Black Wall Blue,1986

Produced by:Hula+Robert Gordon
Written by:Albrow,Nort,Wright,Avery
Recorded:Fon;Studios,Sheffield,9th+10th August

A dose of more straightforward yearning--nice.

     Shadowland sleeve    Shadowland, 1986

Recorded live at The Mappin Art Gallery 
Label:Red Rhino

A unique event, recorded live on a quad system, of Hula and associates improvising with sound sculptures and a smattering of their own gear.

     Poison sleeve    Poison1987    

Recorded at Worldwide ,London 
Label:Red Rhino

Hula`s penultimate single offering written and produced with Mute supremo Daniel Miller

     Voice sleeve    Voice1987    

Recorded in London and Sheffield  
Label:Red Rhino

Hula`s last proper album half written and produced with Mute supremo Daniel Miller

     Cut Me Loose sleeve    Cut Me Loose1987    

Recorded live in London and at Fon,Sheffield.
Label:Red Rhino

Hula`s last single-an action-packed five track e.p.

     Threshold sleeve    Threshold1987

Label:Red Rhino

A rather sorry state of affairs, a `best of` album was the antithesis of what Hula stood for and therefore rather a sad final release