Side One
  • Feeding the Animal
  • Ignoring the Famine
Side Two
  • Sacred Serials
  • Junshi
from the first lineup of Fish,Watt,Albrow and Wright.As a result of touting demo tapes round the likely Independent labels at the time, Cherry Red suggested Red Rhino records in York, Cherry Red being too busy at the time, in what seemed like no time at all and on a budget that pleased Red Rhino (approx £100) they had their E.P. and we had our first release, complete with two colour sleeve.Live shows at the time included St. Albans Art School,and the first ever Hula gig.-a benefit for Polish students. Also Stars on Sundae .Also a promotional video directed by Pete Care (who went on to direct some of the seminal videos of the golden age of pop promo`s including Depeche Mode and R.E.M,) done for the grand total of £84.56p.