Hula`s original lineup 1982-83.Alan Fish,Alan Watt,Ron Wright,Mark Albrow
Hula`s original bass player Alan Watt
Pete Care fixing the lights in the back garden of 217 Upperthorpe,Sheffield,for the' Black Pop Workout' promotional video.
The Braque club,Venray,Holland .1st continental date.Alan Watt had left so we used temporary bass player Chris Brain for the first tour.  
Ronnie Randall,journalist, photographer and helped with the projections in the early days until he got a proper job  
Gerard,joined the 2nd European tour.He was a filmaker from Geneva and helped us with the projections.

Hamburg`s Reeperbahn, outside our hotel,Beatles,prostitutes,peepshows a g0-g0.
The majority of the time touring is spent in the back of a van.    
Zurich-home of the Cabaret Voltaire in 1917 and Hawaiin Johnny in 1985    
Evelyn Droge-one half of 'Days in Europe' our excellent agents and reason for such enjoyable European tours,also responsible for suggesting Hula to Daniel Miller.    
An image of the Vienna Festival stage with crashed aeroplane through the seating.    
The final line-up,after theDepeche Mode support tour and following European jaunt Nort had had enough and left to pursue his own goals. Soon to be followed by Mark, effectively sacked by Wright and Avery who went on to .....